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Frequently Asked Questions​

AVIANCA CORPORATE “Corporate Travel Program”, hereinafter the “Program”, is the loyalty program for corporate clients of member airlines of the AVIANCA HOLDINGS Group, collectively known as “the Airlines”, each individually acting jointly but not severally, through which the Airlines seek to reward the loyalty of corporate clients and their affiliates, offering benefits in exchange for the purchase and use of passenger air transportation services, under the terms and conditions and frequently asked questions set forth in the Program’s rules.




1.     General Terms. 1

2.     Upfront Discounts. 2

3.     Corporate Miles. 4

4.    Corporate Upgrades. 9

5.    Corporate Waivers. 11

6.    Corporate Elite LifeMiles Cards. 13

7.    What other benefits do companies affiliated to the corporate program obtain?. 15

8.    Other Services. 15


1. General Terms

1.1  What is the process to become a member of Avianca Corporate?​

The Program’s registration process will be performed according to the following steps and conditions:


a)     The entity that wants to belong to the Program may request enrollment through the website, completing the pre-registration form.


b)     The entity must provide the information required by the Airlines to begin the assessment process, specifying the basic information the Airlines require in the pre-registration form, such as the corporate name, company ID: NIT/RUT/CIF/DNI, main address, e-mail, phone number, contact officer, economic sector, information of air transportation services used in furtherance of their activity, among others. 


c)     The Airlines reserve their right to approve or reject the entity’s pre-registration request to the Program.


d)     Once the pre-registration request is accepted, the entity will be visited or contacted by an account executive or commercial manager who will initiate the Airlines’ enrollment process of the entity with the Program. 


e)     The Corporate Client will enter into a document or Affiliation Agreement with the AVIANCA CORPORATE Program with the Airlines, which contains specific conditions that will regulate the relationship between the parties


f)      The Corporate Client has the responsibility of keeping the information provided at the time of registration updated (address, contacts, e-mails, among others) during the term of the affiliation, through the means and procedures established by the Airlines. 



2. Upfront Discounts

2.1  What are upfront discounts?

Percentage discounts with the purchase of tickets over the published base fare (excluding airport fees, administrative charges, fuel surcharge and other taxes according to the country of purchase). ​


2.2  When do they apply?


a.     The only apply on routes operated by: Aerovías del Continente Americano S.A. Avianca, Trans American Airlines S.A., Taca International, y Avianca Costa Rica S.A., Isleña de Inversiones, S.A., Aerotaxis La Costeña and Aviateca S.A. and Servicios Aéreos Nacionales Sansa.


b.     These discounts apply only for fares published by the Transporters.


c.      Application of Up Front discounts is valid for any Institutional Purchase (purchase of tickets by the corporate client charged to the entity’s budget).


d.     The Corporate Client must inform its assigned Sales Executive in writing, which point of sale or travel agency is authorized to issue the tickets with corporate discount. The Corporate Client is responsible for keeping the authorized agency’s information updated.  If the Corporate Client purchases discount tickets through an unauthorized agency, debit notes will be issued to the agency by the Airlines for applying an unauthorized discount.


e.     Discounts do not apply to private fares, or commercial fares in U, T, S, W, Z, G and A classes identified with the respective fare basis (field in the ticket identifying the commercial fare). They also do not apply to group fares, or are combinable with other promotions.


f.       The authorized Up Front discounts may only be applied at the travel agencies and/or points of sale previously authorized and registered by the Corporate Client in the Agreement.


g.     The Corporate Client is responsible for making sure that the authorized sales channel (travel agency or Airline’s direct point of sale) always uses the account code when quoting any fare, guaranteeing the correct coding and that the discounts correspond to the Agreement for auditing purposes and to avoid debit notes to the travel agencies or points of sale.


h.      If the Account Code used by the client is assigned to another corporate client, it may not be assigned to a new Corporate Client.


i.       Discounts can be applied to routes operated by a transporter other than the Airlines under codeshare (as long as the codeshare agreement permits it) and will be subject to the negotiation conditions agreed by the airlines under said codeshare agreement.


j.       Discounts are not valid over child fares or for personal travel of employees of the Corporate Client, except on those authorized by it. The Airlines may apply the discount on child fares in the case of an Institutional Purchase (except in purchases made on the corporate website, where child fare discounts apply only according to the conditions of the purchased fare).



k.      When a published fare is authorized for a discount, as in the case of senior citizen, infant, child, marine, group, etc., discounts (except for purchases on the corporate website where the child and infant discount apply and the group or marine fare quotes do not apply) only one discount must be applied, either the Agreement discounts or the one offered with the published fare.  In no event are discounts combinable.


l.       Discounts are not valid for purchase of Avianca Tours packages.


m.   Approval or modification of the Program’s parameters shall be subject to evaluation and approval by the Airlines.


2.3.          How are registrations and authorizations performed to apply Upfront discounts?


a.     The Corporate Client must provide the following information regarding the sales channels for tickets: GDS*, IATA and Pseudo authorized for the Agreement in order to apply the discounts.


b.     The Program assigns an account code for the distribution system (GDS), depending on the purchase channel servicing the Corporate Client.  If the Corporate Client has an account code assigned for purchases made with another airline and it wishes to use the same code for purchases with the Airlines, it is the Corporate Client’s responsibility to inform the Transporters through the sales executive so that the Revenue area loads the requested account code into the reservation system.


*Global Distribution System (GDS): System on which the airlines load fares for booking and sales of tickets.

c.      The account code is a specific code assigned to a Corporate Client by the Airlines, identifying the authorized discounts on specific routes operated by the Airlines and automatically loads the Corporate Client’s Corporate Code (CC) in the Tour Code field when the purchase channels makes quotes and later issues tickets using the means provided by the Airlines for that purpose.


Once the Account Code is assigned, the Sales Executive assigned by the Airlines will inform the Corporate Client and the travel agency designated by the client.  The travel agency or point of sale is responsible for performing tests of the assigned account codes to ensure the coding is correct and authorized discounts may be applied for the Corporate Client. If the agency has problems quoting, it must contact the corresponding sales executive to correct any inconsistency.

3. Corporate Miles

3.1. What are they and how can I earn Corporate Miles for my Company?

They are miles that the Corporate Client earns for each dollar purchased and the use of Flown Tickets according to a monthly usage scale; these miles may be redeemed for tickets on flights operated by the Airlines and for the purchase or redemption of fare upgrades and from economy to business class cabin on “I” class.

Miles will be reflected on the account when the tickets are properly identified with the Corporate Code (CC).

Once the monthly closing is performed, benefits will be settled by the middle of the following month, and informed on the account statement which is sent to the program administrator’s e-mail and the e-mail of the person authorized to receive the account statement and notifications, provided by the Corporate Client upon registration with the Program or during later updates.


3.2. Are there restrictions when earning Corporate Miles?

Corporate Miles will not be credited to the Corporate Client’s account in the case of: 

o   Unused Tickets (not flown, lost or expired)

o   Refunded tickets

o   Tickets issued with special fares (fares to which the general public does not have access).

o   Tickets redeemed with Corporate Miles, LifeMiles or Back End.

o   Free tickets, charter or tour conductor tickets.

o   Tickets issued with student, Avianca Tours, wholesale or marine fares.

o   Free tickets, charter tickets, “tour conductor” tickets, airline employee tickets or others traveling with any type of pass, benefit or discount.


3.3. What are the conditions for Miles obtained with promotions?

The Corporate Client may obtain additional Corporate Miles in addition to the basic negotiation (miles or upfront) for promotions or incentives. This additional benefit will be reflected in the Corporate Client’s Account Statement as a credit and will be subject to the conditions for accumulation, redemption and expiration of the promotion.  


3.4. Can a traveler earn LifeMiles at the same time the company is earning Corporate Miles?

Yes, each time a client travels with a ticket paid as an institutional purchase (using the company’s budget) he or she will be earning LifeMiles as long as he or she uses the frequent flyer number and the ticket has been coded with the company’s corporate code (CC) to earn corporate miles.


3.5. When will Corporate Miles be earned?

Corporate Miles obtained for purchases and monthly use will be earned on the following month after the trip is completed. The corporate program will send an e-mail to the emails registered for the program administrator and the authorized contact to receive account statements and notifications, informing of Miles earned.


3.6. Do Corporate Miles expire?

Yes, miles are valid for two (2) years as of the date on which they are earned. Miles not redeemed after two (2) years will expire without the right to refund. 


3.7. Is it possible to request the inclusion of flown tickets not registered in the Corporate Miles settlement?

-   Once the account statement is sent to the program administrator’s (web) e-mail address registered with the program and/or the e-mail address authorized to receive notifications, the Corporate Client will have 2 weeks to submit claims for tickets that have been coded (CC in the Tour Code field) and not reflected in the account statement sent to each Corporate Client.

Upon submission of the account statement for the month of June 2019, tickets without the CC code in the tour code field will only be accepted in specific cases for which Avianca is responsible, for example:

a)     Tickets purchased by the Corporate Client on the corporate website, after authentication of the user, Corporate Code and password on the site, and not correctly marked or identified with the company’s CC.


b)     Tickets purchased by the client on when the purchase flow on the corporate site experienced problems or maintenance issues.


c)     Tickets purchased by the Corporate Client through the channel authorized to apply discounts, that quotes promotional fares or others on which the fare without a discount was not properly saved.


d)     Purchases made during periods of implementation or freeze periods during which the client did not obtain the agreement code or CC in time.


3.8. How can I use Corporate Miles?

Benefit tickets can be redeemed on eligible flights by contacting the call center and using the company’s PIN. Applicable taxes, fees and charges will be charged upon issuing the ticket.

Benefit tickets do not apply for flights on companies operated by other airlines on codeshare. Likewise, the use of benefit tickets shall be subject to the general conditions of the contract of carriage of the airline operating the flight and all applicable charges and, generally, all civil liability regulations for air transportation.


3.9. What methods of payment can be used to pay for taxes, fees and charges?

Payable values generated during the process to issue benefit tickets may only be paid using a corporate or personal credit card, previously registered through the Call Center.  Checks, cash or debit cards will not be received, except for some companies in Colombia that do not have credit cards, in which case, a bank deposit will be allowed.


The credit card must be previously registered with the corporate program by sending a letter on company letterhead listing the persons authorized to make purchases using this method of payment to


A personal credit card may be registered online when making a reservation.



3.10. What happens if there are not enough Corporate Miles for a redemption?

Benefit tickets may be redeemed using only Corporate Miles earned by the Client.  If the Client does not have enough miles to redeem a ticket, it may not purchase additional Corporate Miles.

3.11 How many Corporate Miles are required to redeem a ticket?

The number of Corporate Miles needed to redeem benefits will depend on the origin and destination of the trip, the class on which the miles are being redeemed and the fare conditions, the season and demand, among others, and will be informed upon request by the advisor at the Corporate Call Center. Likewise, destinations for which the benefit tickets are intended to be used may have limited availability, depending on dates and seasons, among others.


3.12. How can I redeem an upgrade using Corporate Miles?

It must be redeemed through the call center using the company’s PIN. Upgrades can only be requested on eligible flights. They apply for tickets issued on commercial classes, except for T and U classes, and they are subject to availability on I class.


3.13. Is it possible to transfer a Corporate Miles balance from one company to another?

For no reason may miles balances may be transferred between Affiliated Companies, except in cases when the accounts change their scope, in which case the rules of the program shall apply or otherwise in the following cases:

·        Merger

·        Liquidation

·        Demerger 

If the Corporate Client falls under any of the above cases, the Corporate Client or the assignee interested in receiving the balance must send a Back End balance transfer request to the sales executive assigned by the Airlines with a legal supporting document that serves as evidence of the event.


3.14. Can Program miles be transferred for corporate trips to the LifeMiles Frequent Flyer Program and vice versa?

Transfer of miles to accounts of other airline programs or any other airline are not allowed, and vice versa.

3.15. What changes can be made over a ticket redeemed with Corporate Miles?

Only date and time changes will be allowed up to twenty-four (24) hours prior to scheduled departure of the flight, subject to availability in the same class of the benefit ticket and the Corporate Client must pay an additional 50 US charge, which may vary depending on the redeemed class and the ticket’s origin and destination, plus local applicable taxes over the charge.

Once issued, benefit tickets will be valid for one (1) year.

3.16. Are tickets redeemed with corporate miles refundable?

Benefit tickets are not refundable for cash or miles. Only a refund of 100% of the miles will be made to the corporate account and of the respective taxes, exempt from refund charges, in the following cases:

a. Medical Disability: must pe submitted with the medical history, which must match the travel itinerary. 

b. Death Certificate: must be submitted in the event of death of the passenger or parents, siblings, husband or wife, partner or permanent partner.  

c. Termination of employment or services agreement of the ticket’s beneficiary before the Corporate Client: a letter on the client’s corporate letterhead must be submitted, indicating that the traveler is no longer employed with the company, traveler's information, itineraries and refund request.

Numerals a and b must be attached to the letter on company letterhead with the traveler's information, itineraries and refund request.

These types of request must be sent to, attaching the respective supporting documents.  

d. An operational event, understood as a delay or moving forward of the flight’s departure. This refund applies as of minute 16 after the scheduled itinerary, as long as the reservation has a flight change and the upgrade is not reestablished.

A partially used corporate miles benefit ticket is not refundable.

3.17. Can a Corporate Miles ticket be transferred to another person?

Yes, name transfer requests may only be requested through the Corporate Call Center, after verifying the PIN and the security questions.

In this case, the penalty for name transfer will be waived and a second booking will be created under the new holder.  The value of debited miles on the initial booking will be refunded to the corporate agreement and any taxes will be credited to a credit card, savings or checking account, depending on the original method of payment used by the Client.

A new payment for taxes on the second reservation must be made. In there is no availability on the same fare, the miles and tax difference must be assumed by the client.

Note: Does not apply for route changes.


4. Corporate Upgrades

4.1. What are Corporate Upgrades and what conditions apply for their redemption?​

Corporate Upgrades are certificates for upgrades from economy to business class cabin, subject to availability in Class I. They are obtained by Corporate Clients affiliated to the Program, according to the applicable level or rank per country, through upfront, miles or Back End negotiations.

The discount for redeeming these types of segments is one upgrade per passenger and per segment.

Redemption applies for tickets issued in commercial classes, except for T and U classes, on routes covered by the Airlines on domestic, international and transatlantic flights, subject to availability. Also, they cannot be used on agreement fares for additional flights (charters), Avianca Tours plans, group reservations (G Class) or segments flown with other airlines.

Commercial classes may be modified without prior notice.

The requested must be processed at least 2 hours prior to departure of the flight on domestic routes and 4 hours before for international flights. 

For the upgrade request to enter the waiting list** we recommend that the client e-mails the request to at least 72 hours prior to departure of the flight. 

**Note: The following levels of Clients in the corporate program are entitled to the waiting list:

- Diamond and Gold

Upgrades can be granted for Back End tickets.

When the Upgrade is authorized, the web check-in service will not be enabled and the process must be performed at the airport.

Upgrades assigned to the Corporate Client may be redeemed using the following options: By e-mail request writing at, on the corporate website or at the Call Center.

Redemptions can be applied to all travelers included in the booking or for a specific traveler.

Upgrades on two segments for the same request or transaction (Inbound and Outbound or Multi-destination) can be redeemed.

The maximum number of passengers to grant Upgrades is eight per booking.  However, other restrictions may apply, such as availability in “I” class.

Upgrades may be redeemed on reservations with an authorized corporate waiver.


4.2. What channels can be used to redeem corporate upgrades?

a.         E-mail request at

The Corporate Client (program administrator or officials authorized by the company) must e-mail the request, from an e-mail with the company’s domain, to and copying the program administrator.

Applies for redemption of courtesy upgrades or Corporate Miles upgrades.

The e-mail must include the following information: basic company information; agreement number, company name, name of the authorized official, position of the authorized official, travel information (indicating: reservation code, name of the traveler, route, dates, outbound and inbound YY-MM-DD and type of request considering the following: for an Upgrade request indicate if it is a courtesy or miles upgrade.

b.         E-mail request at

Upgrade redemption on the website requires entering the Corporate Code (CC) and the password assigned by the Program Administrator or the website.

Upgrade requests with operational stopovers will be debited per segment; we therefore suggest making these requests through the Call Center.

If the client wants to redeem over an additional segment, he(she must search for the booking again and select the corresponding segment.

Authorization on the website is not authorized in the following cases. However, when contacting the call center the following redemptions are possible:

ü  Ticket issued with Back End or Miles corporate benefit.

ü  Bookings with Infants (younger than 2 years).

 c.         Requests made through the Corporate Call Center.


4.3. Why would an Upgrade not be redeemable through the website?

The most common reasons why an Upgrade is not redeemable are:

-        Insufficient Upgrade balance on the corporate account.

-        No availability in “I” class (Business Class Cabin).

-        Ticket was not coded with the corporate code (CC and agreement number) in the Tour Code field.

-        Request for segments with promotional fares or segments operated by airlines other than Avianca Holdings.

-        Tickets not issued for passengers in the reservation.

-        Passengers in the reservation exceed the number of available Upgrades.

-        System intermittence and/or of the corporate website.


5. Corporate Waivers

5.1. What are corporate waivers and how are they redeemed?

They are certificates that may be redeemed by Corporate Clients to waive payment of penalty or fare conditions, and applicable to the following:

Corporate waivers are authorized and discounted per traveler.


The request must be processed at least 4 hours prior to departure of the flight on domestic routes and 6 hours before for international flights.   


The redemption applies for tickets issued in commercial classes on routes directly operated by the Airlines.


Penalty waivers can only be used when the fare does not have any charges for changes, subject to its conditions.


Waivers can be applied on corporate benefit tickets issued with Back End or Corporate miles. The request must be made by e-mail at


Corporate waivers do not waive payment of fare differences, no-shows or refunds.  


Waivers are not refundable.


Waivers can only be used with fares published by the Airlines, individual bookings and when issuing a ticket with the plates of one of the Airlines. Does not apply for wholesale, private, group fares, AV Tours or tickets with a code other than the corporate purchase identified with the Corporate Code (CC) in the Tour Code field.


In the Program’s structure, name changes with issued tickets are by default exempt from charges.  Therefore, a Corporate Client may use waivers for any type of change except name changes.   


The name change may be requested by the corporate client, the Sales Executive or the travel agency servicing the company. The name change request document must be signed by a corporate contact or legal representative.


5.2. What types of waivers can be redeemed?


o   Penalty waivers:

  • Date, route, flight (time) changes on a ticket: 
  • Penalty for permitted stopover on the route: When there is a charge for stopovers, this Waiver applies to one (1) stop.

o   Fare condition waivers:

  • Minimum stay: Waives the minimum stay fare restriction of the passenger at a destination.  
  • Maximum stay: Waives the maximum stay fare restriction of the passenger at a destination.  Allows extending up to 10 additional days in addition to those allowed by the fare restriction.  
  • Time limit to issue the ticket:  Extends the time limit to pay for the ticket.  The date may be extended for up to seven (7) additional days but never until the date of departure of the flight. 
  • Advance purchase: Waives the fare restriction for advance purchase required for a passenger to obtain a fare. Does not have a parameter of days to be granted.


5.3. What channels can be used to redeem waivers?

Waivers assigned to the Corporate Client may be redeemed using the following options:


a.         E-mail request at


The Corporate Client (program administrator or officials authorized by the company) must e-mail the waiver request, from an e-mail with the company’s domain, to and copying the program administrator.


The e-mail must include the following information: agreement number, company name, name of the authorized official, position of the authorized official, travel information (indicating the following information: reservation code, name of the traveler, route, dates, outbound and inbound, YY-MM-DD and type of request for a fare condition or penalty. 


b. Requests made through the Corporate Call Center.

Waivers are requested through the Call Center, entering the PIN assigned by a responsible person or the Program Administrator.

6. Corporate Elite LifeMiles Cards

6.1. What are they and what are these conditions?


Corporate LifeMiles cards may be requested under the following conditions:


Local and Interregional Agreements:


a.     Membership: Under an agreement, the Corporate Client may define the beneficiaries of Elite Cards.


b.     Agreement Renewal: Taking into account the expiration dates for agreements (March 31 or September 31*), at the latest one month after the agreement expires, the customer may make a request to keep the benefit of guests for this period or add new beneficiaries. If the beneficiary has not confirmed if he or she continues with the invitation, the cards will be downgraded to LifeMiles or basic level, until permanence in the Elite invitation level is maintained.


c.      During the term of the agreement: The request may be processed during the first five days of each month. 


IMPORTANT: This process must be made with the accompaniment of the Sales Executive.


* For Interregional agreements the expiration date will be defined in the affiliation agreement.


-        It is required that the Corporate Client has availability of the LifeMiles Silver, Gold and/or Diamond cards in its basic offer to request the redemption process. These cards are identified as “Corporate Elite Cards”.


-        When requesting Corporate LifeMiles elite cards, the beneficiaries must be registered or register with the LifeMiles program. This procedure is not performed by the Airlines since the registration is personal. They must comply with the rules and applicable policies and conditions of the LifeMiles program valid when using the card. When changing level, the account status will keep the same number of miles.


-        They may only request the number and type of LifeMiles Elite cards pursuant to the parameters established by the Corporate Client’s membership level with the AVIANCA CORPORATE program, city or country of registration of the Corporate Client.


-        Beneficiaries of LifeMiles Elite cards must be first or second level administrative officers within the Corporate Client’s structure and they must be LifeMiles clients in a category other than LifeMiles Elite.


-        The validity of LifeMiles Elite cards provided as a benefit of the Program to Corporate Clients is subject to the validity of the corporate agreement.


-        Courtesies granted by the Airlines under the Corporate Client Program to obtain upgrade of a LifeMiles card of lower level to a LifeMiles Elite card must be requested by the Corporate Client within the validity of the Affiliation Agreement signed by the Corporate Client. Courtesy upgrades to obtain LifeMiles Elite cards that are not requested within that term will not be earned for the following renewal of the Agreement, if applicable.


-        The Airlines’ Sales Executives must verify with the Corporate Client which cards it wishes to renew and they must correspond to the cards of officers who remain employed with the Corporate Client.


-        If a LifeMiles card was granted as a benefit to the Corporate Client and the employee to whom the card was given no longer works with the company, the quota may be released under the following conditions:


§  The Corporate Client must submit a letter on company letterhead to the Sales Executive, expressly informing that said person no longer works with the Corporate Client.


§  The letter must be signed by the President, General Manager or Legal Representative or purchase decision maker registered on the Program’s database.


§  Quota releases must be performed as long as the card being replaced is valid for at least three (3) months.


§  If the card being replaced is valid for or less than three (3) months, the Corporate Client must wait for other currently assigned quotas to be released and requested again when quotas are released.


§  If the beneficiary of a LifeMiles card meets the minimum mileage or segments required to reach Elite level without requesting the courtesy upgrade granted by the Airlines, but rather due to miles earned for purchases made directly by the natural LifeMiles member, the courtesy upgrade obtained by the Corporate Client corresponding to that LifeMiles card will not be granted during the term of the Agreement, but will be granted to the Corporate Client during the year following renewal of the Agreement, if it applies according to reclassification within the parameters established by the Program for corporate travel.


The beneficiary may download the LifeMiles application on his or her mobile phone, which will serve the same purpose as the physical card. The application may be downloaded from the official Apple and Android stores: App Store and Play Store

7. What other benefits do companies affiliated to the corporate program obtain?​

In addition to the discounts or corporate miles and courtesies (upgrades, waivers and LifeMiles cards) our program has other benefits such as the privilege network (partnerships with third parties through which corporate clients may enjoy special benefits), name transfer on commercial tickets, back end tickets and corporate miles tickets.


8. Other Services​

8.1 What is the status of my ticket?

Information about the ticket is requested through the call center, the security questions are asked and the call center advisor proceeds to inform about the status of the ticket and fare conditions, if requested by the client.

8.2  What is the free allowed baggage?

This is a request to find out the baggage allowance according to the route and level of the frequent flyer. Also when there are segments with other airlines included in the ticket. The information is published on

8.3  What is the status of my flight?

This is a request to validate the status of flights, to confirm if they are operating normally or if there is an operational change.​